• All our horses are rescued or surrendered
  • Most come from very bad places
  • ​We are the end of the line for them before getting on the truck to Mexico
  • By the time they are listed here, they have been through QT, decompressed, been evaluated and may have received some training

  • These horses are available for adoption, foster or sponsorships

  • In order to continue our work we need your help!

  • Please consider adopting, fostering or sponsoring one of these precious angels!

  • and if you cannot do that maybe you could donate?

  • Any amount large or small we mean so much to them!
  • Thank you!
Our sponsors are the lifeblood of the sanctuary. Because of the horrid places that most of our animals come from, our vet, feed, hay and care costs are consistently high. Sponsors give us the assurance of being able to determine just how many animals we can help, without risking the health and safety of those that we are already caring for.

Sponsors will become an active part in the animals life. We will update with pictures and video clips about the progress your animal is making and you are notified if there is a scheduled vet or farrier visit and we encourage, if possible, to be part of it.

Sponsors benefit from

watching their animal

enjoy the lake and pastures

of the farm when visiting

us for one of their

unlimited private visits

(which includes friends

and family). Sponsors are

invited to join us for

exclusive sponsor events

and benefit from reduced

prices for special or private

events at the farm.


Sponsoring                                                                    Cost

Chicken/Rooster                                                                        $20

Duck/Geese                                                                               $30

Potbelly Pig                                                                                $40

Dog/Cat                                                                                      $50

Donkey                                                                                       $60

Mini/Pony                                                                                   $80

Horse                                                                                       $100

You can make a Difference!