​​In March of this year we first learned about slaughter processing centers here in Texas and Louisiana that listed their horses on the internet.

​I was shocked to learn how these animals were treated, what they had to go through and that there no one was spared, not the old, nor the young, pregnant or with baby on their side, horses any size and condition, mules and donkeys.

​We got together with other people all over the US and while some had the money to pay the Killer Buyers to save some of these precious lives, others like us promised to provide a safe place for them to decompress and heal from the hell they been through.

A Place for Healing

  Kill Pen Horses -

Saved from Slaughter

​Remington Acres got started in memory of two very special thoroughbreds Remington and Riley who first exposed us to the ignorance and crueltry the human race is capable of.

​In their honor we have been and will continue to take in animals that are in immediate danger of abuse, neglect, homelessness and death.

​We promise each animal as it first steps onto our property that they are now in a place of peace, safe from harm and will never ever have to leave unless we can assure that they will be going to a better and safer place.

​We will do whatever we can to make sure no one will ever harm them again.

​We cannot do this work alone and welcome any gift large or small do help these beautiful creatures.

We have orphaned foals, as young as 2 months old, separated from their moms at auction or during the transport to the kill pen.

Pregnant mares about to give birth, horses, mules and donkeys.

Most of them are sick when they come to us. They come with coughs and snotty noses, open sores and wounds, malnourished and those are just the obvious physical signs, not to mention the emotional trauma they have experienced.

Once their wounds have healed and their souls have relaxed, we get them ready to find their new forever homes. That's where we need your help.

Please look at these pictures and consider giving one of them a forever or foster home. Too far away? How about a sponsorship?

​​​  for Horses ..................