Mental Health Services

When in Doubt,

let a Horse do the Thinking!


 We have EAGALA certified mental health professionals and equine specialist on staff ready to facilitate Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning.

In 2006, when Remington Acres Equine Services, Inc. was created we envisioned an organization based on the memory of two special horses, Remington and Riley. Both were amazing, they came to us badly abused and neglected and forever have changed our lives. In their memory we promised to help disadvantaged equines by providing them with a safe haven to heal their broken bodies and souls. While we focused on caring for horses that were abused, neglected and abandoned with no place else to go, people started to become aware of us! More and more they would stop, watch, listen and observe and we saw awesome things happen! We would notice transformations going on within the animals as well as humans. Horses that came to us untouchable, spooked, afraid and untrusting to the human touch would walk up to total strangers and let them groom them, pet them and handle them. People who were so burdened by the stress of daily life, with anxiety, trust and fear issues and much more would walk away from spending just a few minutes with one of our horses, refreshed with a smile on their face. Some actually have gone as far as describing their experiences as “magical”. Intrigued by this we started looking for more information and found EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) and got our certification in September 2013. 





Five Oaks.

We are taking some of our horses to facilitate the children at Five Oaks.


Work day at Remington Acres. We are working on general clean up, repairing fences and setting up barn.


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For information please call:

713-510-5511 or 713-922-3377


We are located at:

19103 Kickapoo Road

Waller , TX 77484


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Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) and Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) uses horses experientially for emotional growth and learning. In a joint effort a mental health professional, a equine professional and one or more horses work with clients to address treatment or learning goals.